Browse our huge selection of American made, superior quality CNC router router tooling, bits, Drills, & Accessories! Router Tooling USA offers solid carbide bits, coated bits including MOAB Mother of All Bits, Diamond Tipped bits, CNC Drills bits, CNC Boring bits, Fly Cutters & CNC Router Accessories.

Solid Carbide Bits

These bits are designed for use in high RPM CNC Router Table setups.  They are good for general use cutting and shaping composites, woods, fiberglass, MDF Foam, and some metals such as aluminum and brass.  Our inventory includes: Ball Nose, chipbreaker, compression, cove nose, engraving, liner, rougher, round bottom, slow spiral, spiral downcut and upcut bits, straight flute, tapered ball nose, v-groove and wood screw slot bits. 

Polished O Flute | Plastic Cutting Bits

Looking for Plastic cutting cnc router bits? Our inventory of polished o flute router bits are specifically designed for cutting hard and soft plastics.  A polished O-Flute prevents plastic build up from occurring during long cuts through material with low melting points such as polycarbonate, nylon, acrylic, ABS, fluoropolymer, and aluminum composite. 

Diamond Tipped

Polycrystalline diamond provides a harder cutting edge that is more resistant to wear. Diamond CNC router bits are excellent for cutting hard woods plastics, composites, fiberglass carbon fiber reinforced plastics. The benefits of using diamond tipped bits include a much longer durability optimized machining efficiency, and providing a higher quality surface finish over traditional carbide.


  To start shopping first select the category that corresponds with the tools you need!   We also offer a wide collection of Orthotics specialty bits, used in machining orthotic shoe inserts.  Not Sure what you need? Visit the Contact Us page and shoot us a question! CNC Router Tooling needs to be used in CNC Routers ONLY.  Therefore, Using these bits with standard hand-held routers can result in bodily harm or worse.  CNC Router Bits

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